Wearing A Short Wig Over Long Hair

Wigs are very useful because they make it possible to completely change your hair style in a matter of minutes. You will be able to wear long wigs if you have short hair, and even wear short wigs if you have long hair.

However, if you have long hair then you will need to find a way of hiding the hair so that you can fit the wig over the top. The easiest way of doing this is to wear a wig cap.

Wig caps are very tightly fitting caps which will fit over your head. These caps are very high quality and designed to trap all the hair underneath.

Preparing your Head

Before you can wear the wig you will need to put the wig cap on. Then you will need to carefully put the long hair into the cap so that it looks like you are bald. This can be quite time consuming.

You will also need to be very careful because the caps are quite delicate. Although they are strong it would be possible to rip them. This would make the cap much less useful as it will prevent the cap from fitting correctly.

Wearing the Wig

Once all of your hair is fitted inside the wig you should then put the wig on top of the cap as you normally would. This should be relatively easy. Simply turn the wig cap inside out and place it onto your head, then turn it the right way while putting your head inside.
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