Wearing A Wig Cap To Improve Comfort And Fit

If you are wearing wigs then you will normally be able to put these straight onto your head and secure them in place. However, there are a few different reasons why you might want to consider using wig caps as well.

What is a Wig Cap?

A wig cap is an optional accessory which can be used with your wig. This fits over your head and your wig will then fit over the top of this.

Controlling lots of Hair

If you have lots of hair then this could be difficult to fit underneath your wig. However, it is normally easier to fit it under a wig cap and then secure your wig over the top of this.

Bangs or Wisps of Hair

If you have very fine hair then you will often find that this will easily escape from under your wig. It can be almost impossible to prevent this escaping which is why you might want to use a wig cap. By using a wig cap you can trap this hair and make sure that it doesn’t come out at all, no matter what activities you do. This will make your wig look more realistic.


Wig caps fit very tightly and comfortable over your head. Although the cap fits tightly, it’s not actually uncomfortable. With practice you will also find the wig cap is very easy to fit onto your head. This simply needs to be stretched over, and the hair pushed inside. This will reduce the chances of your hair being pulled.
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