What Are Mono Filament Wigs?

Mono-filament wigs are very high quality and realistic types of wigs that look just like your real hair. Mono filament actually refers to the material which is used to form the base of the wig. Most conventional wigs are made with a base of a cloth material.


Mono-filament wigs are so expensive because the hairs are individually tied to the fine base.




One of the major problems that people have with standard wigs is that they are itchy and uncomfortable. However, mono-filament wigs are much more comfortable. The base material is a very fine material which is similar to gauze.




A mono-filament wig is the most realistic type of wig that money can buy. There are two reasons for this. The base is so fine that it practically takes on the same color as the scalp. As the hairs are tied onto the base one by one, this means that they can move in a similar way to on your head. This means that the hair should move and behave as if it was your real head of hair.


Who wears Mono-filament Wigs?


Mono-filament wigs are more expensive than other types of wig. They are perfect for people who need to wear a wig everyday. They are normally worn by people who have had total or severe hair loss. The biggest advantage of these wigs is that they are more comfortable if you don't have any, or have little hair.


Mono-filament wigs might be more costly than other types. However, if you want to wear a wig everyday then you should certainly consider spending a bit of extra money on one of these wigs.
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