Wig Statistics: Wigs Sold Around The World

Wigs are very popular. There are many different people who enjoy wearing wigs for many different reasons. Wigs were once only normally worn by men who lost their hair. However, they are now worn by men and women of all ages. Even if they have good hair, wearing a wig is still an option available to you.

International Wigs

Wigs are available in every country all around the world. This allows people to buy a wig, no matter where they are in the world.

Big Business

Wigs are a very profitable business. The wig business is worth over $900 million dollars per year in the US alone. This has increased almost 5 times since the 1960’s. This shows that wigs are becoming more and more popular.

Different Races

Different races have different color and types of hair. This means that they need to purchase different types of wigs. There are wigs available for different types of hair. Wigs are available for Asians, Africans and European people.

Wigs Sold Around the World

It’s becoming less embarrassing to wear wigs. This is because there are more and more people who want to wear wigs. Wigs can now be brought from many different stores anywhere on the planet.


Another reason why wigs are becoming more popular is because many international celebrities also wear them. While they might not admit to it, lots of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez wear wigs whenever they are in public. If you want to look like a celebrity then one of the easiest options is to wear a wig.
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