Wig Care Tips For Winter Weather

Wigs can be worn all year round for many different reasons. There are people who wear them simply to look different and others who wear them because they have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other medical treatments. If you wear your wig every day, including during the winter months then you will need to learn how to care for it correctly.


Caring for a wig during the winter is actually very simple. There are a few extra precautions that you will need to take so that the wig will last for as long as possible




During the winter, it’s much more likely that it will snow. You need to protect your wig from the snow to avoid it getting wet. There are a few different ways of doing this. You could consider wearing a rain cap, or head scarf. Also consider using an umbrella if needed to shield the wig from the snow and rain.


Drying a Wet Wig


If snow does get onto your wig then you should try and get it off ideally before it melts. This will avoid the wig getting too wet. However, if the wig does get wet then you will simply need to dry it. First decide whether you want to wash it as it is already wet.


Then put your wig onto its stand and leave it in a warm place. This will allow the wig to dry naturally and quickly, this should minimize the potential damage which can be caused to the wig during the winter.
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