What’s Your Wig Care IQ?

Not everyone who owns a wig actually knows how to care for it. It's important to learn how to take good care of your wig because it is such an expensive investment. With the right care it is possible for your wig to last for many years with minimal maintenance. This article will check that you are knowledgeable enough about wig care to protect your investment.


When to Wash


Unlike natural hair, wigs do not really need to be washed as often. Wigs do not get greasy naturally and so do not need to be washed every couple of days. You should only wash your wig when it starts to look dirty.


Washing the wig too often can speed up the aging process and make it wear out quicker. By only washing when it's necessary you should be able to make the wig last for a very long time.


Washing the Wigs


The process of washing the wig is very different to washing a natural head of hair. You should gently apply the shampoo and avoid rubbing it into the fibers. Also be very careful not to tangle the fibers.


To wash the wig agitate the water to gently clean the fibers of the wig.


Dealing with Sticky Food and Gum


Gum and other sticky foods can quite easily find its way onto your wig which will cause a lot of damage. Removing this is fairly difficult and will require a lot of patience. The best way of doing this is to freeze the hair on the wig and then break the gum as it will be brittle when frozen.
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