Wig Construction: Wig Terms And What They Mean

Anyone choosing a wig will discover that there are many different terms which can be used to describe how they are made. Learning how to understand these terms will make it possible to make sure that you’re choosing the very best wig.


Lace Wigs – Lace wigs are made with a very fine base cap made from ace. This means that they are virtually invisible and look very natural and realistic.


3C Construction – 3C construction means that the wig was designed in a way which allows your head to breathe. The three Cs are: Comfortable, Cool and Capless.


Cap – The cap is the base of the wig which all of the hair is fixed to.


Claw Clip – This is a clip which secures the wig to the hair at the crown.


Standard Cap – The standard cap is the most common type of design for wigs as it’s the most affordable option.


Hand Tied – This is a very thin cap where the hair fibers are individually tied to the base. These are expensive because it is such a difficult process.


Memory Cap – These caps are more durable than lace caps and are just as thin. However, they are more expensive.


Monofilament – Monofilament are some of the most expensive wigs available. These are where the individual hair fibers are tied to the base cap. This is normally applied to certain parts of the wig to hide the cap from view, including along the parting. It also has a very realistic effec
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