Wigs And Hairpieces Explained

When choosing different wigs and hairpieces you will need to understand the different types which are available. Only by understanding all of the different types that you have available will you be able to understand exactly which you should consider buying.

Lace Caps

All wigs are made in the same basic way. There is a cap which is made of some form of material and then the hair is secured onto this. The cap is the part which actually fits over your head. Lace caps are some of the best and most desirable because they fit snuggly and do not rub. They are also very delicate and practically invisible.

The only real problem with lace caps is that they are susceptible to damage. You will need to treat them with care so that they will last for as long as possible. You can choose full lace or front lace wigs. Full lace cap wigs have a complete lace cap, whereas front lace wigs just have the lace at the front.

Standard Caps

A standard cap is more resilient to damage because it is made from a stronger material. When choosing standard caps you do need to be aware that they will be more noticeable, even so they can look realistic.

Headband Hair Pieces

When explaining wigs and hairpieces, many people will come across hairband hair pieces. These aren’t actually a wig but rather a smaller hairpiece which is not intended to cover your whole head. These can be used to add extra volume to your hair and make it look even better.

Buying Quality

Whenever you are choosing a wig it is vital that you buy a good quality wig. High quality wigs are much more likely to last you for a long time without needing to be repaired or replaced.
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