Monofilament Wig Care Instructions

Monofilament wigs are more expensive than other types because they are more expensive to make. These wigs do however have a number of advantages because they are much more realistic looking and show convince anyone that it’s your real hair. If you do decide to buy one of these wigs then it’s important to learn about monofilament wig care instructions. These instructions will help your o understand exactly how to care for the wig.


Monofilament wigs should only ever be washed when they really need to be. If you try to wash these wigs too often then this will make them age too quickly. These wigs should not get greasy because they are not growing. This means that you only really need to wash your hair every few months when it actually starts to look a bit grubby.

When washing the wig you must follow the monofilament wig care instructions on the bottle. This will involve adding the shampoo to the water, rather than putting it directly onto the wig. You will then need to be as gentle as possible to avoid any hairs coming lose.


Once you have finished washing the wig it’s then a matter of drying it. Normally this is fairly straight forward. You just need to put it on a wig stand to keep the shape and then allow it to dry naturally. Avoid using any extra heat to try and speed the process up.

Importance of Care

Wigs are expensive and if you don’t treat and care for it properly then it will become damaged much quicker than normal. It is important that you care for the wigs properly and look after them well. You will need to follow all of the Monofilament Wig care instructions above for your wig to last for as long as possible.
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