Wigs VS Head Coverings: Things To Consider

Many people who are suffering from a medical condition that causes hair loss or undergoing various treatments then they will normally need to conceal the hair loss. There are several different ways that many people use to hid hair loss from being noticeable. This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using wigs and head coverings.


Wigs look natural and will not allow anyone to realize that you’re wearing a wig. These wigs can be either made from synthetic or real human hair. Wigs are a great way to carry on as normal because they can be styled to look like your real hair.

It’s also possible to choose a wig which is a very similar color to your hair. These can be styled to look like your real hair.

There are a few disadvantages for anyone wearing wigs. These include the fact that the wigs need to be washed regularly. Wigs are also much more expensive than head scarves.

Head Coverings

Head coverings include things like head scarves. These are much simpler than wigs and can conceal your hair loss. These are easier to wear and need much less hassle. You will also be able to buy several different head scarves and then easily change your style.

Head scarves need much less care. They simply need to be washed and then hung out to dry.

Which is Better?

Whether you want to wear wigs or head scarves is completely up to you. Most people prefer to wear wigs because they look very realistic.
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