Hairband Sheitals: Why They’re So Popular

If you’re Jewish then you will understand that one of the Mitzvahs’s for a married woman is to cover their hair when in public. This is seen as a very important responsibility This helps to prevent other people other than the husband from enjoying the woman’s true beauty.

Covering Hair

There are several different things which can be used to cover your hair. Covering hair with a headscarf or snood for example is a very easy way to meet this Mitzvah. However, hair band shietels are becoming very popular.

Easy to Use

A hair band shietel is perhaps one of the easiest types of hair covering that a woman can use. These simply need to be put over the head and will be held in place without needing anything else. This means that you can easily put them on without needing to wait a long time getting ready.

Look Natural

The problem most people have with wearing headscarfs is that they completely change the look of your face. They will also instantly make you look much older. However, shietels look just like your real hair which is perfect for most people.

It’s possible for a Jewish woman to cover her hair as required by her religion without noticeably doing so. These are realistic wigs which look just like your normal hair. This means that you don’t necessarily need to look any different from the other people in the street. This makes it easier to fit in with international communities without standing out.
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