Can I Repair A Torn Wig Cap?

Most wigs cost hundreds of dollars and deserve to be treated with respect. The problem is that lace wigs in particular are very delicate and need to be treated even more carefully. If a rip or tear does ever affect the cap of your wig then it's good to know that you can repair it yourself without needing to spend lots of money.


Learning how to fix tears yourself will ensure that you can get many more years of use out of your wig. You can fix it yourself without needing to send the wig away to be fixed.




The equipment needed to fix your torn wig cap is actually very easy. You only actually need a needle, some clear thread and of course your wig. Clear lace thread can be found in craft stores and is very easy to use to stitch and repair your wig.


Inspecting the Tear


First turn your wig inside out and put it onto the Styrofoam head. Take a look at the wig tear so you can decide what to do. Small tears will be easier to fix, if it's a very large tear then you might want to send it away to be repaired professionally.


Stitching the Tear


Thread the needle with the clear thread and start stitching over the tear to bring the two parts together. Make sure that you only sew through a small part of the wig cap so that you don't bunch up the lace cap.
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