How Do I Remove Static From Wigs

Anyone experiencing hair loss might want to wear a wig to make their hair look more natural. One common problem that people experience when wearing synthetic wigs is static. Static electricity can make your wig frizzy and unnatural.


Washing your Wigs


When removing static electricity from wigs it is important to wash it in a certain way. Washing it in the wrong way can add static to your wig. You will need to buy specialist wig conditioner and shampoo. Read the directions on the bottle of the conditioner to make sure the wig is cleaned properly and that it isn't affected by static electricity.


Dealing with Static


If you experience static electricity while wearing the wig then you should rub a fabric softener sheet over it. This will instantly tame the static electricity and make it possible to continue wearing the wig.


Spritzing with Water


If your wig is frizzy before putting it on your head then you can try spritzing it with some cool water.




There are a few things that you need to do to avoid static electricity being a problem with your wig. You need to ensure that your wig dries naturally after washing, never use a hair dryer. Synthetic wigs also can't be styled using curling tongs or hair straighteners.


You should never brush your wig while the hair is still wet as this can cause damage and make it frizzy. Following these wig care tips should make it much easier to avoid frizzy wigs caused by static electricity.
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