Is It A Mitzvah To Wear A Sheital?

A mitzvah is a religious duty of a person of the Jewish Orthodox religion. These are things that the religion says that a person must do to be a good Jew. Sheitals are very common with Jewish women, but many people want to know whether they really are a mitzvah, or whether they are just preferred.

Is it a Mitzvah?

It is a mitzvah for a married woman to cover her hair when in public. This is to hide her true beauty for her husband. However, there is no actual need to use a shietal as there are several other types of hair covering which can be used instead.

As long as married women cover their hair then it satisfies the mitzvah. This means that there is no real need to wear a sheital.

Other Coverings

If you don’t want to wear a shietel then you can still satisfy the mitzvah by wearing a snood, head scarf or anything else which covers your real hair. You may want to try some of these different hair coverings out until you find one that you’re happy with.

Why are Sheitals so Popular

Although sheitals aren’t a mitzvah they are still very popular among Jewish women. This is because they look natural and normal. Because of this they don’t stand out among other people around them and this makes them feel much more comfortable.

A good advantage of shietals is that they look realistic. It’s possible to choose a few different styles so that you can change your look whenever you want.
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