Washing Long Hair Wigs

If you own a long hair wig then it can be a very easy way to make yourself look much more beautiful. However, the problem with long hair wigs is that they can get dirty very quickly. As soon as a wig gets dirty it is possible to wash it so that you can make it look clean again. This should make it much easier for you to keep your wig looking the best it possibly can.

Washing when Needed

Some people wash their own hair every day; however you should never wash your wig this often. It’s important to only ever wash your wig when you need it. This way you can ensure that your wig will last for a very long time without causing too much damage. Washing it too often will increase the risk of hair coming lose or just causing damage to the wig.

Being Gentle

When washing long hair wigs you should be very gentle. Never add the shampoo directly to the hair and lather it like on your head. This is not a good idea because it is too strenuous for the wig. Instead the shampoo should be added to the water.

The wig can then be left to soak and agitated gently. You don’t want to cause any tangles if you can help it because getting rid of these tangles will be extremely difficult.

Drying Long Hair Wigs

After you have finished washing long hair wigs you can then dry them. Never use a hair dryer, instead allow them to air dry. Ideally you will have a wig stand that you can put it on. This will keep the shape of the wig while allowing it to dry completely.
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